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Yoga Trance Dance

  • Yoga Garden PBO 184 East Street Pittsboro, NC, 27312 United States (map)

Created by Shiva Rea, Yoga Trance Dance is a meeting of two great rivers, yoga and dance, which come from and are united at the source. That infinite creative source is the One, uniting us all. Yoga and Dance are two of the oldest paths back home. Creative, free form movement, breath, and fluidity of the body reunite the dancer with the energy of being alive. Yoga Trance Dance is high-energy movement meditation appropriate for all ages and experience levels. "Now sweet one, be wise. Cast all your votes for dancing."-Hafiz

$15 or use your Yoga Garden PBO class pass:  Register HERE

Some suggestions for enjoying Yoga Trance Dance:

1. If you catch yourself doing the same old thing, or bored, tired impatient:

Slow down by really feeling your breath, the sensations of your body (the texture, rhythm, length of breath), and the sensations of the weight of your body.

Scan your body, note where you feel stiff, stagnant, or disconnected and bring breath into where that energy can be released.

Incorporate whatever mental or emotional states are rising into your movement.  If your mind is scattered, feed that energy as currents into the spine.  If sadness surfaces, bring that energy into the hips and cradle it there.  Then allow that energy to circulate until there is an organic shift.

2. Enliven by releasing the even the tongue.  Releasing the tongue is one of the quickest ways to release the jaw, self consciousness, and mental energy. 

Use your imaginination, allowing your entire body to become fire, water, and wind.  Be like a child, a tiger, a snake. 

Sound:  hiss, chant, or roar.

Modify for injury when needed. 

Earlier Event: November 3
Yoga Trance Dance at Joy of Movement